UPPCS Pre Quiz#14




#1 Which one of the following has been recognized as a Megadiverse Country?

#2 Which of the following has the lowest mean net primary productivity?

#3 Which of the following is not correctly matched?

#4 Normal temperature of human body is 98.4 of. Its equivalent temperature in °C is?

#5 When doctor tells a person that he/she has been affected with tetraplagia, it means that he/she is suffering from paralysis of

#6 Which of the following is a semiconductor?

#7 Grains of Basmati rice get elongated on being cooked – because of higher content of:

#8 The disease caused due to deficiency of iron is known as?

#9 What amongst the following is responsible for formation of stone in human kidney?

#10 If a human disease breaks out across a large region of the world, what is it called?


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