UKPCS Mains 2021 Test Series

Lower UKPCS Mains 2021 Test Series and Answer Writing by Oracle IAS

Lower UKPCS Pre exam 2021 has been conducted recently. The result of the pre exam might take some days and within a few months, candidates would be writing the Lower UKPCS Mains 2021 exam. Success in any civil services mains exam rests on two pillars : firstly, the breadth and depth of knowledge and secondly, the ability to present that knowledge within a cohesive framework. The answers have to written within the word limit, have to be well articulated and need to be cover the relevant issues with clarity.UKPCS Mains 2021 Test Series

The ability to write such answers requires constant practice and able guidance. Due to the peculiar format of UKPCS mains, aspirants need to know how to write the same question in 20, 50 or 100 words! Clearly, not practising answer writing is one of the major reasons aspirants don’t make it to the interviews.



Lower Uttarakhand PCS 2021 mains Test Series and Answer Writing course Details :

Test No. Topic/Syllabus Date Answer Discussion date
1 Geography+Environment+CA  15.01.2022 31.01.2022
2 Polity+governance+CA 09.04.2022 23.04.2022
3 History+Culture+CA  23.04.2022 07.05.2022
4 Economy+Schemes+CA  07.05.2022 21.05.2022
5 Full Syllabus Paper 1  11.06.2022 18.06.2022
6 Full Syllabus Paper 2+CA  25.06.2022 02.07.2022
7 Full Syllabus Paper 1  16.07.2022 23.07.2022
8 Full Syllabus Paper 2+CA 30.07.2022 06.08.2022

Note : You may give the test even after the date it has been published at your own convenience. 

The course is on an online mode. This means you can take this from your place and get question paper and answer copies online on our LMS. The answer discussion video will also be available online for future reference.

Answer Writing Program included in the package:

Please note that apart from Test series and discussion of the answers given in test series, we shall also have regular answer writing included in this programme. So for every alternate day, we shall post some questions and provide the model answers next day. In total you will have 60+ days of answer writing practice with specific types of questions and answers. You will be able to access all the previous questions with model answers that have been published.

In this course, you would learn the strategies to write better answers and improve the probability of your selection. You will leard how to write answers to specific types of questions in different subjects. This is a competition and you need to stand out.  So, you will also learn which pitfalls to avoid and how to make your answer stand out from others.

Charges for the UKPCS Mains 2021 Test Series and Answer writing course : Rs. 4500/-

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