Uttarakhand Upper PCS 2021 Mains Course and Test Series by Oracle IAS

The Uttarakhand PCS 2021 mains is descriptive and requires not only a deep knowledge of the syllabus but also an ability to answer questions in a manner that can impress the examiner. To this end, we are going to start a course for UKPCS mains. The course will be held offline as well as online. This will assist aspirants in covering Uttarakhand PCS Mains syllabus in a comprehensive and a strategic manner. Uttarakhand PCS 2021 mains



    • Pre Recorded sessions for whole UKPCS course 

    • Mode : Online classes at our LMS. 

      • Recorded session with material will also be available for revision purpose.
  • Program will include classroom lectures(online and offline) as well as UKPCS Mains test series targeted towards helping aspirants to cover Uttarakhand PCS Syllabus within 3.5-4 months, so that they get sufficient time before exam for revision.

  • It will also include printed study material of 2500+ pages for GS subjects in UKPCS 2021 Mains. This has been made exactly according to need of the exam and in the exact order in which topic is mentioned in syllabus. This will be sent by post to our online students and provided.

  • The program will also cover Current Affairs and Uttarakhand Specific GS

  • Dedicated number of study hours per subject :

Subject Time allotted
Indian History(all 3 parts) and culture 60
Geography + Environment 45
Essay writing 10
Polity 50
Economy 45
Uttarakhand Specific Module 50
Maths + Reasoning + Current Affairs 30
Ethics 35
Hindi 25
Total 350

Services Included In This Package :

  • 4 Months ‘Mains Specific Classroom Program’ {Online}. When we say mains specific, we are talking about a program that is not just providing you with knowledge base, but also strategies to write answers that fetch marks in the exam. We will have subject experts including some PCS officers, who will guide the students.

  • Online Test Series strictly based on UKPSC PCS syllabus. Currently. The model answers will be discussed in the class and tips for better answers provided.

  • Complete guidance about strategy and feedback by best mentors in industry.

  • UKPCS Mains printed material for our students.
  • Recorded videos of classes will be available and will provide flexibility to working and otherwise occupied aspirants.

Upper Uttarakhand PCS 2021 mains Test Series (14 tests) :


  • Online – Personalized log-in credentials where you will receive model answer and value addition material.
    • Online students can give tests as per their convenience.
  • Offline at our Dehradun center 

Offline Test Series Offline Schedule: 

S.No Subject  Paper Number  
1 History+ CA 2
2 Polity+ CA 3
3 Geography + CA 4
4 Economics + CA 5
5 Science and Tech 6
6 Ethics & Aptitude 7
7 Language and Essay 1
8 History+ CA 2
9 Polity+ CA 3
10 Geography + CA 4
11 Economics + CA 5
12 Science and Tech 6
13 Ethics & Aptitude 7
14 Language and Essay 1

UKPCS Mains Upper Test Series Schedule (7 tests):

Upper Uttarakhand PCS 2021 mains Test Series Offline schedule:

S.No Subject  Paper Number
1 History+ CA 2
2 Polity+ CA 3
3 Geography + CA 4
4 Economics + CA 5
5 Science and Tech 6
6 Ethics & Aptitude 7
7 Language and Essay 1

For Best copies, Sample model Answers and Tips (Click Here)

Answer writing program(Click Here):

Please note that apart from Test series and discussion of the answers given in test series, we shall also have regular answer writing included in this programme. So for every alternate day, we shall post some questions and provide the model answers next day. In total you will have 60+ days of answer writing practice with specific types of questions and answers.

In this course, you would learn the strategies to write better answers and improve the probability of your selection. You will leard how to write answers to specific types of questions in different subjects. This is a competition and you need to stand out.  So, you will also learn which pitfalls to avoid and how to make your answer stand out from others.

Charges :

  • Complete Course(including Upper UKPCS test series+study material+answer writing) : ₹ 15,000/-
  • Only Upper PCS Test Series (14 tests) and Answer Writing course (90+ days): ₹ 6000/-
    • Just for test series (14 tests) : Rs. 5500/-
  • Only Upper PCS Test Series (07 tests) and Answer Writing course (90+ days): ₹ 3500/-
    • Just for test series (7 tests) : Rs. 3000/-

Only Study Material : Rs. 5000/-

Just for answer writing: Rs. 1500/-

  • Would include 2 books as compliment from our side:

Separate Module charges :-

  1. Uttarakhand Module :

    1. 35 hours classes and study material
    2. Charges : Rs. 2500/ only
  2. Hindi module

    1. 20 hour classes and study material
    2. Charges : Rs. 2500/- only
  3. Ethics module

    1. 30 hours classes and study material
    2. Charges : Rs. 2500/- only 
  4. Any other module

    • Charges : Rs. 2000/- only
  5. Study material only

    • Total 2500+ pages of material will be sent by post to your place from time to time. 
    • Charges : Rs. 5000/-

Note : The test series is not included with individual modules.

About the faculties 

Hemant Bhatt : One of the founders of Oracle IAS, Mr. Bhatt is an engineer and has worked in Singapore before returning and writing 5 UPSC mains and multiple interviews. He has also pursued postgraduate studies in Social Sciences from Sciences’Po, Paris.

Shekhar Chowdhary : Shekhar cleared many govt exams, including UPPCS(final selection) and after serving  few years with Govt of UP, is now currently an Assistant Professor at Kalinga University, Raipur. A national topper in NET exam, he is also pursuing PhD in Public Administration from Jindal University. He has written multiple UPSC mains.

Abhishek Pandey : Abhishek Pandey is a postgraduate in Political Science from Allahabad University and got selected in UPPCS 2020. He is currently posted in Gorakhpur. He has written multiple UPSC and PCS mains with Hindi optional.

Pawan Pandey : Pawan is a co-founder of Oracle IAS. An engineer by training, he has also served with the govt of India for a few years. He has written multiple UPSC and PCS mains and given multiple interviews at the Public Service Commissions.

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