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UKPCS Prelims 2023

Preparing for UKPCS preliminary exams can be a challenging task, but with the right test series, you can feel confident and well-prepared on exam day. Oracle IAS is proud to present our UKPCS Prelims Test Series 2023, a comprehensive package designed to help you ace your exams.

The test series includes 28 full-length and sectional tests, all of which are designed to cover the entire syllabus of the UKPCS preliminary exams. The tests are available online through our Learning Management System (LMS) for your convenience and flexibility.

In addition to the tests, the package also includes NCERT revision quizzes that have more than 10000 plus MCQs topic wise. These quizzes will help you revise and reinforce your knowledge, so you can be fully prepared for the exams.

Don’t let the stress of preparing for exams get in the way of your success. Order your UKPCS Prelims Test Series 2023 package today and take the first step towards achieving your goals. The package is online and you can access it anywhere, anytime and practice as per your convenience.

Features of UKPCS Prelims Test Series and Quizzes:

  • Start Date: 2nd Feb, 2023
  • Mode: Online on our Learning Management Sysytem (Oracle IAS Classes)- Click Here
  • Enrolled student will get their personl login credentials.
  • All Test and Quizzes will be timed and detail solution is provided at the end.
  • Aspirants can go back and check the wrong questions for revision.
  • Flexiblity: You may give the test anytime, anywhere after it has become live.
  • Platform Agnostic: You may access it on any iOS/Android device – mobile phone/tablet/desktop.

UKPCS Prelims Test Series 2023:

  • The test series includes 28 tests: 20 Sectional & 8 Full Length.

UKPCS Prelims Test Series 2023 Schedule:

Test NumberTest Date (Live)Test Category Test Syllabus
118-Feb-23Subject SpecificHistory- Ancient India + Current Affairs + Miss.
219-Feb-23Subject SpecificGeography + Current Affairs + Miss.
325-Feb-23Subject SpecificPolity + Current Affairs + Miss.
426-Feb-23Subject SpecificHistory- Medieval India + Current Affairs + Miss.
511-Mar-23Subject SpecificEnvironment + Current Affairs + Miss.
612-Mar-23Subject SpecificEconomics + Current Affairs + Miss.
718-Mar-23Subject SpecificHistory – Modern India + Current Affairs + Miss.
819-Mar-23Subject SpecificUttarakhand GK + Current Affairs + Miss.
925-Mar-23Subject SpecificScience + Computer + Current Affairs + Miss.
1026-Mar-23Subject SpecificMaths + Reasoning + Current Affairs + Miss.
1108-Apr-23Subject SpecificHistory- Ancient India + Current Affairs + Miss.
1209-Apr-23Subject SpecificGeography + Current Affairs + Miss.
1315-Apr-23Subject SpecificPolity + Current Affairs + Miss.
1416-Apr-23Subject SpecificHistory- Medieval India + Current Affairs + Miss.
1522-Apr-23Subject SpecificEnvironment + Current Affairs + Miss.
1623-Apr-23Subject SpecificEconomics + Current Affairs + Miss.
1706-May-23Subject SpecificHistory – Modern India + Current Affairs + Miss.
1807-May-23Subject SpecificUttarakhand GK + Current Affairs + Miss.
1913-May-23Subject SpecificScience + Computer + Current Affairs + Miss.
2014-May-23Subject SpecificMaths + Reasoning + Current Affairs + Miss.
2120-May-23Upper Full Length 1Entire Syllabus
2221-May-23Upper Full Length 1Entire Syllabus
2303-Jun-23Upper Full Length 2Entire Syllabus
2404-Jun-23Upper Full Length 2Entire Syllabus
2510-Jun-23Upper Full Length 1Entire Syllabus
2611-Jun-23Upper Full Length 1Entire Syllabus
2717-Jun-23Upper Full Length 2Entire Syllabus
2818-Jun-23Upper Full Length 2Entire Syllabus


NCERT Revision Quizzes for UKPCS Prelims 2023:

The NCERT Quizzes included in the UKPCS Prelims Test Series 2023 package are the perfect way to revise and reinforce your knowledge of the static portion of the exams. With more than 250 quizzes covering every subject from NCERT Class 6 to Class 12, this package is the best way to revise all the facts from NCERTs, as they are the major source for the static portion of any civil service exam, including UKPCS.

Each quiz contains between 30 to 100 questions, providing a comprehensive review of the material. The quizzes are designed to test your understanding of the concepts covered in the NCERTs, and will help you identify any areas where you may need to focus your studies.

Start Date02-Feb-23
Day Subject 1Quiz Number TopicSubject 2Quiz NumberTopicSubject 3Quiz NumberTopic
1General Science (Physics)1Measurement/UnitAncient History1Stone AgeIndian Geography55Area
2General Science (Physics)2Measuring Devices  &  ScalesAncient History2 Indus Valley Civilization  &  CultureIndian Geography56Latitudinal Expansion
3General Science (Physics)3Mechanics (Mass, Force, Acceleration, etc)Ancient History3Vedic AgeIndian Geography57Tropic Of Cancer
4General Science (Physics)4Motion Under GravityAncient History4BuddhismIndian Geography58St & ard Time
5General Science (Physics)5Physical Properties of MaterialsAncient History5Jain ReligionIndian Geography59Extreme Points
6General Science (Physics)6ThermodynamicsAncient History6Shaiva, Bhagavata ReligionIndian Geography60Bordering Countries
7General Science (Physics)7Wave MotionAncient History76th Century B.C : Political ConditionIndian Geography61Natural Region of India
8General Science (Physics)8SoundAncient History8Greek InvasionIndian Geography62Northern Mountaneous Region
9General Science (Physics)9ConductivityAncient History9Maurya DynastyIndian Geography63Mountain Ranges &  Hills of South & Central India
10General Science (Physics)10Nuclear PhysicsAncient History10Post-Mauryan PeriodIndian Geography64Mountain Peaks
11General Science (Computers)11Computer & ITAncient History11Gupta  &  Post-Gupta PeriodIndian Geography65Passes
12General Science (Chemistry)12Atomic StructureAncient History12Architecture In Ancient IndiaIndian Geography66Snow Lines  &  Glaciers
13General Science (Chemistry)13Chemical & Physical TransformationAncient History13South IndiaIndian Geography67Plateaus
14General Science (Chemistry)14Inorganic ChemistryAncient History14Ancient Literature  &  LitterateurIndian Geography68Coastal Regions
15General Science (Chemistry)15Metals  &  MineralsAncient History15Pre-Medieval PeriodIndian Geography69Isl & s
16General Science (Chemistry)16AlloysMedieval History16Muslim Invasion Of IndiaIndian Geography70States
17General Science (Chemistry)17Carbon  &  its various formsMedieval History17Delhi Sultanate : Slave DynastyIndian Geography71Union Territories
18General Science (Chemistry)18Hydrogen  &  its compundsMedieval History18Khalji DynastyIndian Geography72Species  &  Tribes
19General Science (Chemistry)19Sulphur, Nitrogen, Halogen & Inert GasMedieval History19Tughluq DynastyIndian Geography73Languages
20General Science (Chemistry)20Acid, Base  &  SaltMedieval History20 Lodi DynastyIndian Geography74Ganges Drainage System
21General Science (Chemistry)21HydrocarbonMedieval History21Vijayanagara EmpireIndian Geography75Brahmaputra,Canals & Multi Purporse Project
22General Science (Chemistry)22AlcoholMedieval History22Delhi Sultanate : AdministrationIndian Geography76South Indian Rivers
23General Science (Chemistry)23PolymerMedieval History23Delhi Sultanate : Art  &  ArchitectureIndian Geography77Cities Located on the Bank
24General Science (Chemistry)24Organic acidMedieval History24Delhi Sultanate : LiteratureIndian Geography78Waterfalls  &  Lakes
25General Science (Chemistry)25Explosive SubstanceMedieval History25Delhi Sultanate : MiscellaneousIndian Geography79Other Rivers
26General Science (Chemistry)26Food Preservation, Nutrition, MedicineMedieval History26Provincial Dynasty Of North India  &  DeccanIndian Geography80Monsoon  &  Rainfall, Natural Disasters
27General Science (Chemistry)27DetergentsMedieval History27Bhakti  &  Sufi MovementIndian Geography81Agriculture & Green revolution
28General Science (Biology)28FertilizersMedieval History28Mughal Dynasty : BaburIndian Geography82Pulses, Food & Cash Crops ,Oil Seeds
29General Science (Biology)29Sub-divisions of BiologyMedieval History29Humayun  &  Sher ShahIndian Geography83Animal Husb & ary
30General Science (Biology)30CellMedieval History30AkbarIndian Geography84Plantation Crops, Soil  &  Natural Vegetation
31General Science (Biology)31Human AnatomyMedieval History31JahangirIndian Geography85Mineral Resources
32General Science (Biology)32Blood transport SystemMedieval History32Shah JahanIndian Geography86Industry
33General Science (Biology)33Digestion & ExcretionMedieval History33AurangzebIndian Geography87Research Centres
34General Science (Biology)34PhotosynthesisMedieval History34Mughal AdministrationIndian Geography88Miscellaneous
35General Science (Biology)35Vitamins & NutritionMedieval History35Mughal Music  &  PaintingsEnvironment & Ecology1Environment  &  Sustainable Development
36General Science (Biology)36Endocrine Gl & sMedieval History36Mughal LiteratureEnvironment & Ecology2Ecology
37General Science (Biology)37PhysiologyMedieval History37Mughal Period : MiscellaneousEnvironment & Ecology3Biodiversity
38General Science (Biology)38Disease  &  TreatmentMedieval History38Sikh SectEnvironment & Ecology4Greenhouse Effect  &  Climate Change
39General Science (Biology)39BiotechMedieval History39Maratha State  &  ConfederacyEnvironment & Ecology5Ozone Layer & Pollutants
40Geography1UniverseMedieval History40Disintegration of the Mughal EmpireEnvironment & Ecology6Forest  &  Forest Wildlife
41Geography2EarthModern History41Arrival of European CompaniesEnvironment & Ecology7Sanctuaries
42Geography3RocksModern History42East India Company  &  Nawab of BengalEnvironment & Ecology8Non-Conventional Energy
43Geography4VolcanoModern History43Regional States : Punjab  &  MysoreEnvironment & Ecology9Water Conservation
44Geography5EarthquakeModern History44Governor, Governor General  &  ViceroyEconomics1Economics : An Introduction
45Geography6ContinentsModern History45Impact of British Rule on Indian EconomyEconomics2National Income
46Geography7World Mountain RangesModern History46Revolution of 1857Economics3Main Sectors of Indian Economy
47Geography8PlateausModern History47Other MovementsEconomics4Budget
48Geography9ValleysModern History48Educational Development in Modern IndiaEconomics5Fiscal Policy, Inflation & Price Index
49Geography10DesertsModern History49Development of Press in Modern IndiaEconomics6Finance Commission & Public Finance
50Geography11Grass FieldsModern History50Social  &  Religious MovementEconomics7Security Market & Insurance, Stock Exchange
51Geography12World’s Countries  &  their BordersModern History51Political Institution Established before CongressEconomics8Money  &  Banking
52Geography13Dependent TerritoryModern History52Indian National CongressEconomics9LPG Reforms
53Geography14L & -Locked CountriesModern History53Moderate Groups  &  Extremist Groups in CongressEconomics10Foreign Exchange Market
54Geography15Old Names of CountriesModern History54Revolutionary Movement in IndiaEconomics11Balance Of Payment
55Geography16 International Border LinesModern History55Revolutionary Activities Outside IndiaEconomics12Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
56Geography17The Capitals of CountriesModern History56Partition of Bengal & the Indigenous MovementEconomics13World Bank, WTO, BRICS
57Geography18World TownsModern History57Congress : Banaras, Calcutta  &  Surat SessionEconomics14Human Development , Poverty & Population
58Geography19Geographical NicknameModern History58Formation of Muslim League (1906)Economics15Employment  &  Public Welfare Schemes
59Geography20HydrosphereModern History59Delhi Durbar  &  Change of CapitalPolity1The Constitutional Development of India
60Geography21Major Oceans of the WorldModern History60G & hi  &  His Early MovementsPolity2Articles &  Schedules
61Geography22Oceanic CurrentsModern History61Peasant Movement  &  Kisan SabhaPolity3The Governance System & Preamble
62Geography23SalinityModern History62Trade Union  &  Communist PartyPolity4The National Emblem, Foreign Influence
63Geography24High Tide, Low TideModern History63Rowlatt Act  &  Jallianwala Bagh Massacres (1919)Polity5Fundamental Rights
64Geography25Oceanic TrenchModern History64Khilafat MovementPolity6Fundamental Duties & DPSP
65Geography26Rivers of the WorldModern History65Non-Co-operation MovementPolity7The Council of Ministers
66Geography27 Towns  &  Cities along the Bank of RiversModern History66Formation of Swaraj Party (1923)Polity8Lok Sabha
67Geography28L & forms by RiverModern History67Simon Commission (1927)Polity9Rajya Sabha
68Geography29Isl & sModern History68Lahore Session , Complete Independence (1929)Polity10The Parliament
69Geography30Lakes  &  WaterfallsModern History69Civil Disobedience MovementPolity11The Supreme Court
70Geography31StraitsModern History70G & hi-Irwin PactPolity12The Governor & State Legislature
71Geography32CanalsModern History71Karachi Session of Congress (1931)Polity13The High Court
72Geography33DamsModern History72Round Table ConferencePolity14Emergency Provisions
73Geography34Coral ReefsModern History73Communal Arbitration  &  Poona PactPolity15Election Commission
74Geography35AtmosphereModern History74Congress Socialist Party (1934)Polity16Political Parties
75Geography36InsolationModern History75Provincial Election  &  Formation of Cabinet (1937)Polity17PRI
76Geography37CycloneModern History76Tripuri Crisis of Congress (1939)Polity18Special Provision for Certain Class
77Geography38HumidityModern History77Indian Princely StatesPolity19Constitutional Amendment
78Geography39Air PressureModern History78Second World WarPolity20States & UTS, Citizenshp
79Geography40CloudModern History79Dem &  for PakistanPolity21President & Vice President
80Geography41WindsModern History80Individual Satyagraha (1940)Polity22Attorney General & CAG
81Geography42Local WindsModern History81Cripps Mission (1942)Polity23Centre- State Relation
82Geography43ForestsModern History82Quit India MovementPolity24Finance Commission & other bodies
83Geography44ClimateModern History83Subhash Ch & ra Bose  &  Azad Hind FaujPolity25Temporary special provision & Miss.
84Geography45SoilModern History84Cabinet Mission Plan (1946)Geography50City & Industries
85Geography46Races  &  TribesModern History85Constituent Assembly (1946)Geography51Transport
86Geography47LanguagesModern History86Formation of Interim Government (1946)Geography52Ports  &  Harbours
87Geography48AgricultureModern History87Partition of India  &  IndependenceGeography53Mapping
88Geography49MineralsModern History88Constitution Development of IndiaGeography54Miscellaneous
89General Awareness1Defence 
90General Awareness2Scientist & Invention
91General Awareness3Space & Satellite
92General Awareness4Art & Culture 
93General Awareness5Awards
94General Awareness6Sports


Cost of the UKPCS Prelims Test Series 2023 package:

  • Test Series + Books:
    • Total Cost=  2500 (28 Full Length Tests) + Rs. 2500 (10000+ NCERT MCQs Quizzes) + Rs. 600 (2 Prelims Books)   = Rs. 5600/ Rs. 2199/-
  • Test Series Only:
    • Total Cost=  2500 (28 Full Length Tests) + Rs. 2500 (10000+ NCERT MCQs Quizzes)  = Rs. 5000/ Rs. 1999/-
  • Study Material & Books + Test Series = Rs. 2100 + Rs. 5600 /- = Rs. 7700  Rs. 3499/-
  • Study Material & Books only = Rs. 2299/- (including shipping)
  • Only Books =  550/- (including shipping)

UKPCS Past Papers prelimsUttarakhand 2023 GK

(All the above prices are including GST and shipping cost)

Full Class Room Program for UKPCS Prelims 2023 (Click Here)

  • Full Program Cost:
    • Online : Rs. 16000 /- (Class Lectures) + Rs. 5600/- (Test Series + 10000+  NCERT MCQ Quizzes) + Rs. 2100/- (Study Material+Books) = Rs. 23700/-                           Rs. 11999/-
    • Offline – Rs. 19000 /- (Class Lectures) + Rs. 5600/- (Test Series + 10000+  NCERT MCQ Quizzes) + Rs. 2100/- (Study Material+Books)=Rs. 26700/-                             Rs. 14999/-

About the faculties:

Hemant Bhatt : One of the founders of Oracle IAS, Mr. Bhatt is an engineer from College of Technology(Pantnagar) and has worked in Singapore before returning and writing 5 UPSC mains back to back and multiple interviews. He has also pursued postgraduate studies in Social Sciences from Sciences’Po, Paris.

Pawan Pandey : Pawan is a co-founder of Oracle IAS. An engineer by training, he has also served with the govt of India for a few years. He has written multiple UPSC and PCS mains and given multiple interviews at the Public Service Commissions.

Mohit Chakwal: Mohit is a civil engineering graduate from IIT- Kharagpur. After a short stint in the corparate world, Mohit entered the civil services prepartion. He has written multiple UPSC Mains along with two interviews.

Shekhar Chowdhary : Shekhar cleared many govt exams, including UPPCS 2014 (final selection) and after serving  few years with Govt of UP, is now currently an Assistant Professor at Kalinga University, Raipur. A national topper in NET exam, he is also pursuing PhD in Public Administration from Jindal University. He has written multiple UPSC mains.

Abhishek Pandey : Abhishek Pandey is a postgraduate in Political Science from Allahabad University and got selected in UPPCS 2020. He is currently posted in Gorakhpur. He has written multiple UPSC and PCS mains with Hindi optional.

UKPCS Prelims 2023

Hemant Bhatt