Uttarakhand 2024 prelims

Uttarakhand GK 2024 in English

Preparing for Uttarakhand state services exams can be a daunting task, but with the right study materials, it doesn’t have to be. Oracle IAS is proud to present our latest book, Uttarakhand 2024, a comprehensive guide to help you ace your preliminary exams.

Filled with one-liners and specially designed course material, this book is tailored to meet the specific needs of Uttarakhand state services aspirants. It draws inspiration from previous year questions and covers all aspects of the preliminary syllabus.

In addition to detailed coverage of the syllabus, Uttarakhand 2023 also includes a separate section on the latest Uttarakhand budget and economic survey, as well as current affairs from January 2022 to February, 2024. This book is your one-stop-shop for all the information you need to succeed in the Uttarakhand state services exams.

Don’t let the stress of preparing for exams get in the way of your success. Order your copy of Uttarakhand 2024 today and take the first step towards achieving your goals. The book is the revised and enlarged edition of our best seller Uttarakhand 2022 GK book. 

Features of the Uttarakhand 2024 GK English book:

  • Important Uttarakhand GK in point format
  • Latest Uttarakand Budget (2022 and 2024) & Economic Survey (2022 and 2024)
  • Latest Facts & Data
  • Uttarakhand Specific Current Affairs (Jan 22 – Feb 24)

How to order the book?

Want to get a head start on your exam preparation and save money at the same time? This is your chance to get the comprehensive guide to acing the Uttarakhand state services exams at a discounted price.

The book will be shipped by 20 April 2024. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save money and get ahead in your studies. Place your pre-order for Uttarakhand 2024 today!

Pre Order special price: Rs. 300/-(including shipping)

WhatsApp/Call-  +91 9997453844 to place the order.

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Uttarakhand 2024 prelims

Sample of Uttarakhand GK 2023:

Uttarakhand Prelims 2024 Combo Pack:

For those looking for an even more comprehensive study solution, Oracle IAS is now offering a combo package for the Uttarakhand state services preliminary exams in 2023. The combo includes our latest book, Uttarakhand 2024 GK, as well as our Uttarakhand Past Papers – MCQs (Revised) book.

The Uttarakhand 2024 GK book, as previously described, provides a comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, as well as current affairs, economic survey, and budget data. The Uttarakhand Past Papers – MCQs book, on the other hand, is a collection of previous years’ multiple choice questions from the Uttarakhand state services preliminary exams. This book will give you an idea of the types of questions that have been asked in the past and help you prepare for the exam.

With this combo package, you will have all the resources you need to ace the Uttarakhand state services preliminary exams in 2024. Order now and save money on your purchase.



MRP: Rs. 320/-   +   Rs. 275/- = Rs. 595

Pre Order special price: Rs. 500/-(including shipping)

WhatsApp/Call-  +91 9997453844 to place the order.

Sample of Uttarakhand Past Year Papers (MCQs):

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