UKPCS Geography sample notes PDFs

Oracle IAS team has prepared UKPCS mains notes topic wise that would make your preparation more efficient and smooth. We provide you one stop solution for the entire UKPCS preparation journey. In this post we will provide you with sample UKPCS Geography notes PDFs.

The book has been prepared strictly as per Uttarakhand Upper PCS Mains Geography syllabus: topic wise.

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UKPCS Geography notes PDFs sample

UKPCS Geography syllabus:

World Geography : Definition and Major concepts of Geography, Solar System,
Spherical Coordinates & Projections, Time, Earth’s Rotation and Revolution, Lunar
eclipse, Solar eclipse, Isothermic Lines, etc.
Lithosphere : Origin of Continents & Oceans- Continental Drift theory,
Convectional Current theory and Plate Tectonic theory, Types of Mountains,
Plateaus, Plains, Lakes and Rocks, Drainage Pattern, Agents of Denudation- River,
Wind, Glacier, etc.
Atmosphere : Composition and Structure, Insolation, Heat- budget, Humidity and
Precipitation, Pressure and Wind Belts, etc.
Hydrosphere : Oceans – Bottom Relief, Currents, Tides, Temperature and Salinity,
Hydrological Cycle, etc.
Geographical Phenomena : Earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, Monsoon, ElNino effect and cyclones, Natural Hazards and Disasters, etc.
Distribution of natural resources : World Distribution of natural resources –
Forests, Iron ore, Bauxite, Coal, Petroleum, Hydel Power, Atomic Power NonConventional Energy Sources, etc.
Agriculture : Agricultural Location, Agricultural Types, Agricultural Regions, etc.
Industries : Factors of Localization, Textile, Iron and Steel, Cement, Sugar
Industries, etc.
Population : Growth, Distribution, Density, Sex-Ratio, Migration, Health,
Urbanization, etc.
Main Tribes : Eskimo, Pigmy, Bushmen, Kirgiz, etc.
Transportation : Trans-Siberian railway, Canadian National, Canadian pacific, Cape
of Good Hope water way, etc.
Environment : Concept of Ecology and Ecosystem, Bio-diversity – Types and
Depletion, Pollution – Air and Water, Global Warming and Ozone Depletion,
Concept of Sustainable Development, etc.
World Trade : Trade and Economic Groups – World Trade Organization (WTO),
European Economic Community (EEC), Brazil – Russia – India – China – South
Africa (BRICS), South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC), etc.
Geography of India: Location, Extent and Federal Structure, Geological structure,
Relief, Climate, Drainage system, Vegetation, Soils, Water Resource, Resource
Scarcity, Energy Crisis , etc.
Environmental Degradation and Conservation : Air, Water, Soil, etc.
Minerals : Distribution and Production of Iron-ore, Coal, Petroleum etc.
Agriculture : Wheat, Rice, Millet, Tea, Coffee and Rubber, Agro-Climatic Regions,
Agricultural Revolutions, etc.

Industry : Location, Production and Trade of Cotton Textile, Cement, Paper,
Sugar, Chemical, etc.
Population : Regional Pattern of Growth, Distribution, Density, Literacy, Sex-ratio,
Rural-urban structure, etc.
Transport : Railways, Highways, Airways and Water ways and their role in regional
development, etc.
Tribes : Habitat, Economy and Society of Gonds, Bhils, Santhals, Nagas, etc and
Trends of their Transformation.

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