Why Oracle IAS is the best IAS institute in Dehradun?

Dehradun has been hub for education for surrounding areas of Uttarakhand and UP. Sadly, in the area of Civil Services preparation the quality of teachers, content and professionalism leaves much to be desired. Oracle IAS in its brief existence has thus become the best IAS institute in Dehradun.

Current situation

First you should know certain things about Civil Services coaching in Dehradun:-

  1. Although you will see advertisements by all institutes declaring them the best IAS institute in Dehradun, most of them single person, who tries to be one man army. Most of the temporary teachers are hired on low salaries and sometimes they themselves are aspirants. They themselves are not clear on concepts and compete with their students in exams. Any  teacher who is good does not stay in one institute. He/she gets selected or founds another coaching. This is highly detrimental to the studies of aspirants.
  2. In these institutes students of UPSC, PCS, Group-C exams etc sit together in one class. The standard of teaching naturally caters to the lowest common denominator in the class.
  3. Most of these would not teach aspirants what really is needed to clear the exam today. Mostly no extra reading material, no current affairs classes, no classes for the ethics, or IR or internal security. In short you are taught only the static part of the syllabus and that too imperfectly.
  4. The most important part of the Civil Services preparation is answer writing. I know of no other institute that focuses on answer writing or conducts special classes for that.

Why we really are the best IAS institute in Dehradun:-

  1. We have a dedicated team of experts who have between them a combined experience of more than 15 UPSC mains and 10+ PCS mains. This vast experience helps us create great content and help students work in the right direction.
  2. Oracle IAS is dedicated for UPSC and PCS. We do not teach for any other exams. Thus we know exactly what to teach and how to cater to need of the aspirants.
  3. We are the only and best IAS institute in Dehradun that has regular current affairs classes. We have expert faculty for ethics, IR, internal security, current affairs etc. Apart from the static portion, we can cater to the static portion of the syllabus in a holistic manner. You can also find great current affairs content on our website.
  4. The thing that really sets us apart from others is answer writing practice. We conduct online free answer writing practice for UKPCSand UPPCS. Further every class starts with writing answer for UPSC level questions first from previously studied chapters.
  5. Our pedagogy style is unique. We do not believe in dictating notes as UPSC does not expect you to write notes, but write answers. We use projector to teach and focus on concepts and answer writing.

We started our journey very recently. It is the testimony of our understanding of the exam that we have been successful since our very first initiative (UK Lower PCS mock tests). In the exam 112/200 marks questions came from our 3 mock tests.

This year’s UPSC Pre result, we had 5 students clear it under our guidance.

Our free initiatives:-

We care for the aspirants and have various daily free initiatives to help their preparation.

  1. Free UPSC daily MCQs. We upload UPSC level MCQs daily and provide answers in the evening to help you keep in practice round the year.
  2. We ran UKPCS Mains Free Answer Writing Program for more than 4 months to help candidates practice their writing skills. In this we also sent model answers to registered candidates in the evening.
  3. We are now running the UPPCS Mains Free Answer Writing Programwith model answers for registered candidates. The registration is free and can be done here.
  4. We periodically provide great content on current issues in our Connecting the Dots initiative.
  5. As a responsible company, we also teach economically weak aspirants for free and help them unlock their potentialClick hereto know more.

Hemant Bhatt

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