UKPCS Mains Polity notes sample PDF

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UKPCS polity notes PDFs sample

UKPCS Indian Polity, Social Justice and International Relations syllabus:

Constitutional Framework of Indian Polity
Constitutional Development in India.
Framing of Indian Constitution.
Preamble and its significance.
Salient Features of Indian Constitution.

Fundamental Rights and Duties.
Directive Principles of State Policy.
Federal Structure: Union-State relations.
Parliamentary system in India.
Constitutional Bodies: Election Commission of India, Finance Commission; Comptroller and
Auditor General of India; Union/State Public Service Commission and Other (Appointment, Power
and Responsibilities).
Judiciary : Composition, Role, Judicial Review and Judicial Activism.
Constitutional Amendment methods and important constitutional amendments.
Indian Polity
Union Executive.
State Executive.
Union Parliament and State Legislatures.
Electoral system in India, Salient Features of the Representation of the People Act.
Political Parties and Pressure Groups.
Role of Regional Political Parties.
Public Accountability : Parliamentary, Executive and Judicial.
Citizens and Administration : Citizens Grievance Redressal Institution and Mechanism, Central
Vigilance Commission, and Lok Pal and Lok Ayuktas .
Print and Electronic Media- Its impact on Policy Making, Shaping of public opinion and in
educating the people and Press Council of India.
Administrative system in India
Evolution and Growth of Administrative system in India.
Union Government: Cabinet Secretariat; Central Secretariat; PMO etc.
Demand for creation of New States.
State Government : State Secretariat; Chief Secretary; Departments and Directorates, Boards,
Corporations and Commissions.
Administration of Union Territories and other specified states and areas in India.
Civil Services in India : Types; Characteristics; Role and Performance.
District Administration.
Administrative Adjudication: Various types of Administrative Tribunals in India.
Lok Adalats and Legal Awareness Campaign.
Administrative Reforms in India including various important Commissions and committees.
Panchayati Raj
Development Administration: Institutions; Policy Initiatives, Strategies, Problems and Challenges.
Local Governance: 73
rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments.
Types of Urban local bodies and Panchayati Raj institutions in India.
Sources of Finance in Urban Local Bodies and Panchayati Raj Institutions.
State Finance Commission and State Election Commission.
Decentralized planning.
Public Management in India
Regulatory Governance.
Law and Rule related Administration.

Citizen centric Governance.
Right to Services.
Right to Information.
Samadhan Yojana.
Budgetary reforms
Consumer Protection.
Integrity in Administration including measures and mechanism for Prevention of Corruption and
Malpractices in India
Human Resource and Community Development
Employment and Development
Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development and its indicators in India.
Nature, types and Problems of Unemployment in India.
Employment Schemes and Programmes both of Union Government and Uttarakhand Government.
Rural Development and Community Development Programmes- Role of related Institutions and
Organizations including all centrally and State sponsored schemes.
Role of Education especially in Human Resource Development and Social Change.
Education System in India : Problems and Issues (Including Universalization and
Education for Girls, other Socially and Economically and other disadvantaged sections of people
and Minorities, etc.
Right to Education, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan in
Status of Higher, Technical and Vocational Education in Uttarakhand.
Role of Various institutions (central, State and Other Organizations) in promotion of Education.
Health as a component of Human Resource Development.
Health Care System in India and Uttarakhand.
Health Indicators.
World Health Organisation : Objectives, Structure, Functions and its Programmes.
Public Private Partnership in Health Care System.
National Rural Health Mission and other related schemes.
Health and Nutrition.
Food Security Act etc.
Social Welfare and Social Legislation
Social Legislation as an element of change.
Social Legislation and schemes (Central and State) for vulnerable section of society.
Protection of civil Rights Act, 1955.
Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.
Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.
Social Legislations for the protection and welfare of Children, Women and Minorities, etc.
Sexual Voilence against Women and Children: Preventive Measures.

Welfare of Disabled, Aged and Others: Enactments, Policies, Institutions and Schemes.
International relation
Principles & Basis of Indian Foreign Policy.
India and her neighbours.
Globalization and its impact on Developing countries.
International and Regional Organisations:
United Nations and its specialized agencies.
Regional organizations-SAARC, ASEAN, EU, NAM, OPEC, Commonwealth of Nations etc.
India’s Cultural diplomacy and Indian Diaspora.

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UKPCS Polity notes PDFs


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