UKPCS-UKPSC Science: Electrical safety #28

Oracle IAS, the best coaching institute for UPSC/IAS/PCS preparation in Dehradun brings to you UKPCS -UKPSC Science (paper #6).

Electricity can be hazardous. Insulation, earthing, fuses and circuit breakers help to protect us from electrical injury. Electrical energy is current multiplied by voltage and time.

  • Insulators are used in electrical equipment to support and separate electrical conductors without allowing current through themselves. Glass, plastic, rubber, air, and wood are used as insulator. They form part of covering of copper wire and restrict the appliance from becoming live.
  • Earthing: It is a part of electrical circuit which is done on initial level in order to connect the electrical system with mass of earth so as to have discharge the electrical energy.

Need for Earthing: To ensure safety from electric shocks. It’s an electrical connection between the exposed metallic parts of an electrical appliance or installation and the earth, regarded to have zero potential dangerous level of potential or voltage that endangers the user’s life

Hemant Bhatt

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